Hello I’m Marva Collins, M.A. — Trauma Practitioner. Welcome to my page. Are emotional wounds from your past keeping you from the life you desire? I’m here to tell you that healing, growth, and transformation are attainable. By working with me, you can step out of your pain and into your passion. Heal your wounds & heal your life.


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Coaching for Coaches who have reached a block in their business.Goddess initiation and training for Black women who want to add ritual and spiritual practices specific to themCrone Goddess Initiation workshops, Elderly vs Elder and many others

Trauma Coaching

You can heal from all trauma. Childhood trauma is real. Adult trauma is real. Elder trauma is real. I especially like working with Elders because they carry the trauma from their childhood, their adulthood and being traumatized as an Elder. Healing is for Elders too.

Childhood Trauma

Last a lifetime without intervention.


Occurs in the home and work place most frequently.


Losses in all areas of life.


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